About Countrystyle:

It all started out with a Farm Shop with country style decor at our Farm Thyrasgård
Already in the Farm Store we had lots of nice enamel kitchen ware
Our Store Dog Malte spent every day at the Farm Store!

Country Style started in 2006 as a farm shop with a rustic country style decor.

Countrystyle was started in 2006 as a farm shop with country style decor at our horse farm Thyras Farm in Falkenberg on the Swedish West Coast. Countrystyle started as a side project to consulting as a copywriter, horse breeding and competing in dressage, but grew like a snowball in the strong trend with country style decor. In 2007 the online shop Countrystyle.se with furnishings and gifts was launched. Even then, we invested in foreign, fun brands like British Cath Kidston and Dutch Pip Studio to whom we were the only retailers in Sweden. On our first Show in England, we did not even know which city to travel too, and still less to which Show - but we had beginner's luck and was spot on! With stenciled business cards in an edition of 100 copies or so, we succeeded in some strange way, to come home with not only a lot of fun new brands but also with an Agency in Cath Kidston's Bath and Body Products. How it happened is still anyone's guess. We had a limited knowledge of retail, and our experience in the wholesale industry was absolutely cero. But how hard can it be, we thought? We managed to get over a great last-minute canceled booth at the Formex Trade Show in Stockholm, and packed the car full of girlfriends and the horse carriage with handcremes, showergels and scented candles and headed for Stockholm...

At our first Formex Show in Stockholm we experienced close to an uproar in our booth and wrote orders so that the pens ran out and we had to pinch new ones in the booth next... The next project was to accommodate the delivery of so-so 30 giant sea pallets with goods from England. Cramming them in Thyras Farm was not an option so we forced our neighbour Bengt simply to vacate his machine shop in exchange for a bottle of whiskey. (Now Bengt luckily had two machine shops, so he was quite manageable you still have to say.) In retrospect, one might think that in many respects we *drove on volley’ as we say in Sweden… But the big heart and gut instinct is something that is still, 10 years later ancharacterize part of our business. But now, perhaps with some more experience. 2012 for practical reasons we moved Countrystyle's Head Office to Stockholm and more precisely Lidingö where we also opened a store. The Farm Store at Thyras Farm in Falkenberg continued as a summer shop. After having had the same Internet Store for nine years, since 2007, in the fall of 2015 - finally - and not a moment too soon – it´s time to take the next step and launch the new Countrystyle.se - packed with modern features and translated in to English. So now, even those who do not have Swedish as their mother tongue can shop all of our fun and beautiful things from (almost) any corner of the world!

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